Ensure your box is rigid and in good condition.

    Avoid boxes that are too big for their contents, as they risk getting crushed. Use fillers like crumpled newspapers, bubble wrap or foam to fill voids and prevent movement of your goods inside the box during shipment.

    Fragile items – Wrap products individually with at least 3cm of bubble wrap or foam material so it fits nicely into the box.

  4. SEAL WITH AN H pattern
    Use proper sealing tape(48mm pressure-sensitive plastic packaging tape) in an H pattern on top and bottom, and consider strapping heavier boxes.

    If you are re-using old boxes, try to remove all previous labels and stickers. DIYParcel stores will help you attach the labels to your boxes. 
  • For more information, please check out the following instructions.
  • Don’t cover the sender or receiver information with labels or an airway bill.
  • Don’t place tape or shrink wrap over labels.
  • Don’t wrinkle, scratch or mark the label or bar code.
  • Don’t wrap a label around the corner or directly on the edge or seam of the package.

There are a wide variety of packaging materials you can use to protect your items. It’s really important to use the right packaging materials.

Corrugated cardboard box 

This is the most widely used outer packaging and the strength of the box is absolutely critical. The heavier the items, the stronger the box requirement. A common mistake is to re-use boxes that have been excessively weakened as each time a box is used, it loses rigidity and strength. If other boxes are placed on the top of your box during transit, this puts a strain on the box and eventually, the walls of the box could weaken and collapse. Boxes are available in single, double or triple strength corrugated cardboard, and we recommend using double or triple strength boxes for heavy parcels.

Express Envelops

If you’re only shipping documents, we recommend using an express envelope. Your courier will be able to provide this. An express envelope is a rigid cardboard envelope with documents enclosed pouch and a sealable flap. This is ideal for protecting your documents during transit.

Express Bags

Your collecting courier will normally carry express bags on board their vehicle. These sealable plastic bags come in three sizes and protect items from environmental conditions. However, please note they do not provide cushioning or protection from impact, so please place your item in a padded envelope or small box before placing it in the express bag. Never send fragile items inside a courier bag as they will be insufficiently protected.

Below are some of the advantages of sending your parcels with our delivery service.

  • Door- to-door service - We will collect your items from the nominated collection address and deliver it to the receiver’s address in the country of destination.
  • Live Parcel Tracking – DIY Parcel has live tracking capabilities so you can track online the exact location of your parcel at any time.
  • Faster Delivery Times – We can deliver your parcel anywhere around the world in the fastest time possible. It usually only takes 2-4 days for your shipment to be delivered.
  • Competitive shipping cost – Delivery price matters. Enjoy our service to find a great deal.